Dear WEKAF directors, masters, instructors and fighters,

First of all million THANKS for all the help and support to:
Laura Holmes, ex-WEKAF president
James Armstrong
Jordan Pallen, WEKAF president
Felipa Pallen

And of course to Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Canete and Grandmaster Percival Pableo.

I would like to say Thank you to all the judges and referees, and all the fighters for help and support at the 13. WEKAF World Championship in Hungary.

You can see the photos on this link:

Summary of the XIII. WEKAF World Championship – Hungary

The Top Fighters at the World Championship:

– The Best Junior Fighter: Rose Ann Lagran (Canada)

– The Best Adult Male Fighter: Bao Chau Nguyen Vu (Norway)

– The Best Adult Female Fighter: Line Mellum (Norway)

– The Best Senior Male Fighter: Norman Charles (UK)

– The Best Senior Female Fighter: Delfina Lucero (USA)

– The Best Hungarian Fighter: István Szálkai (HUN)

– The Best Fighter from Debrecen: Csaba Horváth (HUN)


The top 3 countries at the World Championship:

(To appropriately rank each winner, we applied the following weights to their medal

winnings: Gold = 3 points, Silver = 2 points, Bronze = 1 point)

Gold Country: USA

Silver Country: Hungary

Bronze Country: Canada