WEKAF (World, Eskrima, Kali, Arnis Federation) is the first and largest Filippino martial arts organization, consisting of 40 countries amongst its members since its inception in 1989. The WEKAF World Championships take place every 2 years, rotating back to the Philippines every fourth year. Hungary has joined WEKAF in the summer of 2008 and been taking part in WEKAF’s World Championship tournaments since then.

The competition rules have come a long way since being introduced at the National Filippino Eskrima, Kali, Arnis (EKA) championship, but have in essence remained the same during the years.They have stood the test of time, humanity’s endless mission for improvement and therefore granted a solid foundation for both fighters and spectators.

WEKAF International, its rules and even its protective gear, were founded and created by Grandmaster Dionisio Canete.

Official definition of WEKAF competitions:

Eskrima is a body vs. body full power and full contact fighting style or stick-fight. It involves a combination of attack and defense movements used for self defense with a rattan stick, called “olisi”.

During the competition, participants use their speed, agility, defense, sparring ablility and other technical skills to strike their opponent as quickly and powerfully as possible within each round. The person who excels the best at the above skills will score the more points in order to win based on a 10 point must system. The judges score every strike except disarms. A disarm is counted as a point against the fighter who has lost his stick.

Eskrima matches combine body skills, attacks, defense, and various strategies into an exciting, face paced sport.